This mid-September my website and I we’re turning 1 year old! We would like to thank you for your attention thus far and we promise to come up with new things, catchy stories, technical articles, proprietary video content, vlogs and much more. Find out how it was and what’s coming up next from Year 1!

Many thanks to my partners in this adventure – Rodhouse, North Fork Composites, EDGE Rods and Canon – that helped me to land some spectacular, exotic or big catches and to capture the beauty of angling from my perspective: game fishing A to Z. Alex Maslov, Gary Loomis, Goulven Dolle, Nicole Ivana Darland and Steve Pitcock – you rock!

How was Year 1: for the first time in Romania, we caught pike on DEPS Slideswimmer 250 swimbaits, we triggered vicious strikes on soft swimbaits and topwater lures (the frog bite!), we explored together the Nubian Flats of the Red Sea, we did skipping with BFS and pitching techniques, we kept talking about BFS (Bait Finesse Style that I promoted in Romania for more than a few years), we saw how the Jackall Magallon or DEPS Slideswimmer 250 are running underwater, we reviewed custom rods built on the very tough North Fork Composites blanks, The Dark Side and The Lightsaber, we discovered the specialized swimbait EDGE Rods by Gary Loomis (The superversatile SB805-1 HM and The Heavy Beauty SB807-1 IM) and we spent 6 days in Sudan with EDGE Gamma Beta, the best performing fly fishing rods I had the chance to use so far.

Year 1 in a few numbers: I wrote and published 49 articles (some of them in English) and I edited 46 videos and uploaded them to my YouTube channel as well – I did all these things after work hours, mostly during evenings, nights and weekends. I hope that some of the article published may have helped you become better or more efficient anglers. I will make sure that the upcoming series to always bring you something new, from information to tips and trick from my own experiences: BFS Wars – side-by-side tests with the most popular bait finesse reels at the moment, new Swim like a fish videocasts to watch the lures in action and to find out the best presentations for them, Why we cast like that – articles and vlogs to learn the right way of casting with baitcasting gear and so much more.

Good fishing to all,
Andrei Zabet
g a m e   f i s h i n g   A  t o   Z