Gary Loomis continues his legendary innovation in the fishing rod blanks industry. The Chief-Designer of North Fork Composites and his team managed to combine the best of two worlds in one product: the strength of the new ZenTron S-2 material as an evolution of S-glass and the sensitivity of graphite fibers. Change is here: the NFC LMX-DELTA blanks. Find out more about them next!

North Fork Composites, Woodland, Washington is the place where innovation is right at home, in the company of The Legend of graphite fishing rods himself, Gary Loomis. Recently, NFC has succeeded to combine the ZenTron material, an evolution of S-2 fiberglass, with the LMX-PSI and LMX-LAMBDA carbon fibers, proprietary to the North-American company. NFC also holds the exclusivity for ZenTron S-2 material to create a truly one-of-a-kind product.

A denser roll of the prepreg (30 wraps per inch) leads to a more compact laminate and to a stronger blank in the end:

ZenTron S-2 or the evolution of fiberglass
Here are some of the unique properties of ZenTron:
– recovery properties almost identical to graphite
– better elongation than graphite
– super impact resistance
– stronger and stiffer when put in combination with the carbon fiber
– excellent lamination properties, just like graphite, to reduce or eliminate shearing

ZenTron S-2 is used to provide high impact protection in armored tanks, F-32 and F-35 jet fighters, Stealth planes, helicopter blades and the nose section of Boeing 787.

The transition between graphite and ZenTron is just as seamless and strong as when laminating or joining 2 graphite prepregs together:

The ZenTron reinforced tips offer super durability and graphite-like recovery speed, for a dynamic action of the rod:

Change is here: the NFC LMX-DELTA blanks
NFC creates new performance all over again. Lighter. Stronger. More flexible. The DELTA rod blanks combine 3 highly advanced materials in the same hybrid construction: the new ZenTron S-2, the LMX-PSI and the LMX-LAMBDA carbon fibers. The result is a generation of blanks that remove some of the brittle nature of graphite by adding the smooth flexibility of glass. The DELTA generation removes weight while adding strength at the same time. The DELTA series uses materials designed for aerospace industry to withstand impact at high speeds. Its durability, strength and impressive stiffness launches the making of fishing rod blanks into a new era: the one of North Fork Composites.

Weight is a deterrent to performance.                                                                                                                       – the NFC design mantra by Gary Loomis –

Lifetime warranty for any NFC blank
All the NFC-made blanks and distributed by its worldwide partners come with a unconditional lifetime warranty for the original registered owner.

More cool news: the nexgen LMX-DELTA is here, available with the European distributor RODHOUSE. You may find them in stock and available for fast delivery from France to anywhere in Europe. And the LMX-DELTA blanks are game changers in the savings department as well, because their prices are as good as they get, for each and every budget.

Change is here: the NFC LMX-DELTA blanks.