Sărbători pline de cadouri sub formă de năluci, mulinete, lansete, fire şi alte nebunii şi La Mulţi Ani tuturor împătimiţilor de pescuit la răpitor! Să aveţi un An Nou plin de recorduri personale! Holidays with lots of fishing gifts, lures, reels, rods, line and other crazy stuff and a Happy New Year to all the game fishing anglers! May you have a 2018 full of personal bests!

Şi una din ştiucile prinse în ajunul Crăciunului, proaspătă, de azi, eliberată vie şi nevătămată! One of the pike I caught on Christmas Eve, fresh from today, released alive and kicking to fight another day!

Many thanks to my partners who share the same boundless passion as I do – North Fork Composites, EDGE Rods by Gary Loomis, GAN CRAFT – High Potential Original Lures and RodHouse! May you have a fantastic New Year and I look forward to working on the 2018 new projects with you!

Andrei Zabet
Game Fishing A to Z