I own 4 DEPS Slideswimmer 250 swimbaits since last year. The one that I used extensively lost some of the scale-foil but in two days and a half it brought me lots of fish over 70 cm. Moreover, it brought me lots of fun. And adrenaline, too. Swim like a fish: DEPS Slideswimmer 250 videocast is the first of a long series focused on swimbaits actions filmed in their „natural” environment, right in the water.

This is the start of a videocast archive in the Swimbait Freakz section of the site, so it is my intention to film various swimbaits, including those I own. This should help you guys making an idea of what to expect from a certain bait in terms of swimming action.

How „natural” does it swim? Will it work better with short or long jerks? How about straight retrieves? I think questions like these are best answered with actual footage of the baits in action.

One mention about the DEPS Slideswimmer 250: it works with almost any retrieve you imagination fancies, but steady retrieves with pauses or short jerks/twitches seems to produce best, at least for me. I consider this bait to be one of the best big swimbaits in the market today – and from what I’ve read on various websites, it seems it holds the „unofficial record” for the most big bass over 10 lbs. caught all over the world. I can’t vouch for that but I wish we had bass in our waters.

Here’s the video and will be back with more swimbaits action.